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iPhone 6 Release Date

iPhone 6 Release Date is getting closer.. In this website you can know the exact iPhone 6 release date for US and UK customers as soon as they are released. It is hard to separate rumors from facts as regards the new highly anticipated Apple iPhone 6, but in the iPhone 6 website we make effort to provide you the facts only form various tech sites and Apple iPhone 6 expert from around the world.


The iPhone 6 release date has been expected with hope by millions of i Phone users and fans for more than a year now. Many experts around hoped for a bigger technology leap in the iPhone4s release earlier this year, but a lot of were disappointed. The pressure has thereby intensified on Apple for the new iPhone 6 release.

iPhone 5 Release Date
iPhone 6 Release Date
The latest reports say that the next apple phone generation will perhaps be announced at the traditional June 2012 meeting at Apple’s Worldwide Developers conference. Rumors also say that new generation iPhone 6 release date will as well show the product to use a “glass to glass” touch panel technology. Wintek and TPK Holdings will supply this technology. Apple has not announced the date of its WWDC event for 2012, but it could happen between June 10 and June 15, if rumors are correct. There are too financial reasons for the delay in the iPhone 6 release date: Apple wants the bulk of the 1 and 2 year provider contracts to expire around the release date of a new Apple Smartphone in order to attract people to choose their new model when they upgrade their existing phone.


The UK iPhone 6 release date has not been set yet either. However, it usually coincides with the US iPhone release date. For the latest Apple Smartphone rumors and information about the forthcoming iPhone 6 release date, please see the relevant pages on this website.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

iPhone 6 Release Date, Features and Price

iPhone 6 Release Date, Features and Price: The iPhone Smartphone is five years old, and it's time for a change. The iPhone 5 is due out within the next 2 months, and it will make substantial changes to the already-winning iPhone design. In addition, for the first time since the series began, the screen is going to get bigger.

iPhone 5 Rumors: Release Date, Features, Price and Pictures
iPhone 6 Rumors: Release Date, Features, Price and Pictures

iPhone 6 Name

The next iPhone is Apple’s sixth iPhone and while many of us are calling this new iPhone the iPhone 6, Apple may choose to go with a simpler name for the next generation iPhone.
Apple could go with a simple, new iPhone or if the iPhone has 4G LTE Apple could rename it to the iPhone 4G or iPhone 4G LTE.

iPhone 6 Design

Apple cannot release a rehashed iPhone 4 design this time around thanks to pressure from Android handset makers and the Nokia Lumia 900.
We expect a brand new design for the iPhone 6, which rumors say includes a taller 4-inch display, metal back and a thinner design. The iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 4s size comparison below shows how the two devices may size up when the iPhone 6 launches.


This rumor is all but confirmed for the iPhone 6. Just like the screen, the iPhone is one of the few smartphone brands that hasn’t embraced 4G LTE. Many people think this is assured because the latest iPad had 4G, so it would only make sense for the iPhone 6 to have it.
New OS
Most iPhone releases are also paired with a new iOS release, and many people are expecting the iOS 6 to make a debut. Not much is known about this, but people are expecting more advanced features like turn-by-turn navigation, third-party Siri support, more iCloud integration and a better maps app.

Less glass

The curent iPhone's touchscreen uses two separate layers to achieve its effect: A touch sensor layer and an LCD display layer, which are stacked on top of each another. But Apple is said to be introducing "in-cell touch panels on its next iPhone," says Josh Ong at Apple Insider, which means the two space-hogging layers will be consolidated into one. That means Apple could produce an iPhone measuring just 7.9 mm thick — noticeably thinner than the iPhone 4S's 9.6 mm.

Camera Upgrade

Buying the iPhone is like buying a new digital camera. All of their cameras have been extremely powerful, and it’s rumored that the iPhone 6 will have a 10-megapixel camera. Who know if anyone will notice the difference over the last 8-megapixel camera, but an upgrade is an upgrade.

Larger Display

Many believe that Apple is finally going to introduce an iPhone with a 4-inch screen. Many other rumors are largely unsubstantiated, but Reuters, Bloomberg and other many news outlets have reported this rumor. There have even been a few pictures, but we will see how true this rumor is soon enough.
It does make sense. The iPhone is one of the few respected smartphone brands that still doesn’t have a 4-inch screen, so they could lag behind if they don’t step up the display.

Improved RAM

The iPhone has been lagging in the specs department lately, and many people think that the iPhone 6 is going to increase its RAM to 1GB. Apple doesn’t particularly seem too thrilled about this, since RAM specs have never really been important to the iPhone, but people want it. More RAM means faster apps, and that makes everyone happy.

iPhone 6 Release Date

Current iPhone 6 release date rumors peg the launch anywhere between August and October. While October is a very good bet for Apple, the company could launch the iPhone 6 at any time.
With current iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS owners already off contract, Apple could push the iPhone 6 release date until later in 2012 to ensure proper supply for a global launch.

Launch Schedule

Apple is even rumoured to launch it in the second half of the year, perhaps in September, close to a year after the iPhone 4S was released.
New Case and Material
The rumors are really circulating about a new case and material. The new design has a lot of proof behind it. It has been revealed that Steve Jobs was working on a new iPhone design before he passed away. Nobody has the slightest idea what it will look like, but expectations are high after hearing that Jobs was personally working on the design.


Rumours in liquidmetal which will used for the back of iPhone 6 was affirmed by Atakan Peker, Founder of Liquidmetal who says that Liquidmetal still needs time to develop. "For example, I estimate that Apple will likely spend on the order of $300 million to $500 million - and three to five years - to mature the technology before it can used in large scale," Peker told Business Insider's Steve Kovach.

Haptic Feedback

This is one of the odder rumors that probably won’t be true, but it would be really awesome if it is. Some people believe the iPhone 6 will feature haptic feedback on the display screen. This would allow you to feel the app buttons like they were protruding from the screen. This would be very innovative, but there hasn’t been many reports on the subject.

New Carrier

There have been rumors that T-Mobile might start supporting the iPhone 6. This has been impossible to date because they don’t have the 3G connectivity needed for iPhones. At the same time, there have been official statements from T-Mobile stating that they are losing money because they don’t offer support for the iPhone. They will probably fight tooth and nail to carry the newest model.
iPhone 6 facing a battery dilemma?
While the above may be exciting news, the below is not.
According to rumours, Apple’s main battery supplier is struggling to pump out enough energy packs that are up to the Californian firm’s strict standards.
Apparently, just 30 per cent of Apple’s orders have been fulfilled, leading us to believe that the above rumour might be a bit of a porkie.
That’s according to a man who read something on a website that said something about the battery that probably came from another one of those anonymous sources.
However, an expert has claimed that even if the report turns out to be accurate, the disgustingly rich Apple will have a plan in place to ensure nothing gets in the way of its precious iPhone 6’s launch date.
We just hope it’s true - we’re entitled to an upgrade real soon.

iPhone 6 Price

Apple might choose to shake up the price of the iPhone 6, charging a premium for the new features like they are doing with the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.
4G LTE smartphones initially commanded a premium, and Apple could use this to bump the starting price of the iPhone 6 up to $249 or $299.
While prices for entry-level 4G LTE smartphones like the LG Lucid and older models are below $100, high-end devices like the Droid RAZR MAXX start at $299 from Verizon.
The Galaxy S III could keep Apple in check thanks to a launch on all major U.S. carriers at $199.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors: A novel report from the suggests that fans Apple customers wait for the next generation of iPhone, and it looks like they are all reading the rumors online.

iPhone 5
iPhone 6 release date rumors affect sales

Apple iPhone 6 release date in October, and a number of customers are willing to wait! Newspaper in Europe suggests that Apple has seen significant slowdown in iPhone device sales because Android gets largely due to new phones.

iOS 6 is the latest version of Apple’s smart phones and tablets mobile OS which includes more features like new Siri features, new Maps app with no Google branding, the new Passbook App that will reportedly give Apple a new NFC-esque revenue stream, and the much-anticipated Facebook integration which will be similar to Twitter.

iPhone fans want a bigger screen, a new phone with new design and possibly with the new processor and new camera.

At the same time, Apple’s smart phone rival Samsung is enjoying strong sales. Citing data from GFK, the report reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S3 grabbed 18 % of the market in the region. Following Samsung galaxy release last month ahead of the wider launch of the phone in USA this month.